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LTL Services & Low Freight Shipping Quotes

The LTL services that we offer here at Ultimate Freight Quote are fast, efficient and low cost. Our resources are endless and can handle large enterprise operations. And our freight shipping services include shipments as little as 350 lbs.


LTL Services Offered By Ultimate Freight Quote:

  • Ground
  • Ocean
  • Air
  • Truckload
  • Less Than Truckload (LTL Service)
  • Intermodal
  • Flatbed
  • Specialty
  • Fridge
  • Dryage
  • And more…
  • Hazardous Materials Are No Problem!

Why Our LTL Services Are Competitive In Price & Performance

Ultimate Freight Quote’s resources to provide enterprise level LTL services are virtually endless. There is no order or operation too large for us to handle. We utilize the latest technology to be efficient in the warehouse, the office on the road and in logistical systems. As a result, we are able to offer the lowest prices on all of our freight shipping services.

Furthermore, because of the efficient logistical systems in place we are able to offer fast LTL services and still remain low in cost. We can to an LTL service pick up within 2 hours anywhere in The USA, Canada and Mexico. Our freight shipping services are very reliable and we are able to handle high pressure demands.

Efficient LTL Freight Shipping Services Are Very Important

LTL freight shipping services are very crucial to economic systems because shipping is required in all industries. Some industries rely on LTL freight shipping services more than others. But non the less here at Ultimate Freight Quote we understand how important it is to remain efficient. As a result, we are constantly utilizing our 40 years of experience and latest technology.

Powerful Combination Of Experience and Technology

Most companies in the LTL service industry either have a lot of technology or a lot of experience. Here at Ultimate Freight Quote we have gone through the narrow gate of having both and combining the two.

Most logistical masterminds have the experience to know how to run an efficient logistics system. But usually do not know about the technology available to handle the influx of shipping service demands.

Many less experienced freight companies have the latest technology but do not know how to put it to best use because they do not understand the deep complexities of an efficient freight operation.

Ultimate Freight Quote Has The Best Of Both Worlds

The owner of Ultimate Freight Quote and My Freight World Partner (Ron Lehman) has been in the freight industry for 40 years. As a young man on the shipping docks He worked His way into being a warehouse manager, from warehouse manager to logistics systems analyzer so on and so on. You name the freight shipping service job, He has done it. And done it well. As a result, He is well respected in the freight industry and many come to Him for logistics audits and training.

Ron knows all of the in’s and outs and also has a technological background that Has equipped him to merge technology with His shipping wisdom. Consequently the level of efficiency is remarkable.

Put us to the test and get and LTL Service Freight Shipping Quote Today. I promise you will be impressed and will be a lifetime customer.

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