LTL Freight Quote | Less Than Truckload Freight Quotes In Minutes

Instant LTL Freight Quote | Less Than Truckload Freight Quotes In Minutes

Instant LTL Freight Quote on the fastest (2 Hour Pickup), least expensive, and reliable LTL Services in the North America.

That is not an understatement, it’s the truth. Put Ultimate Freight Quote (UFQ) to the test and see. Become the logistics mastermind for your business.

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LTL Freight Quote on Less Than Truckload Freight Services

Ultimate Freight Quote Always Impresses When It Comes Less Than Truckload Freight Services

Here at Ultimate Freight Quote we believe in being logistically innovative. We are cutting edge, low cost and reliable in the Less Than Truckload service industry. We are the new change the shipping LTL service industry desperately needs. Our competitive advantage enables us to provide the lowest prices around. Get an LTL Freight Quote to see for yourself.

When we started in the industry, we found that LTL Freight companies were doing the same job for many many years. And as long as the job was done right, the customers were happy. But our current world is much more in need of efficient Less Than Truckload Freight Services. That is what Ultimate Freight Quote has achieved and is why we have a lower LTL freight quote than the rest.

We have been in this industry for over 40 years. Unlike most other companies, we have evolved for the better. Most other less than truckload companies have continued to go with motions. As a result, they provide a higher LTL freight quote.

What sets us here at Ultimate Freight Quote apart is we have developed a proprietary system of efficiency. As a result, we are now the fastest in the nation with 2 hour LTL pickups while maintaining the most competitive prices.

Less Than Truckload Freight Services Done Right! | Low LTL Freight Quotes Here

Go to our homepage to get your free LTL freight quote and put us to the test. We have a system in place that will blow your mind. We are in the process that will revolutionized how the world provides shipping services in the years to come.

Ultimate Freight Quote’s LTL Service Background

So there we were 30 years ago on the dock, with no real knowledge. We had no clue and it took 3 months of interviews… WOW
Some old teamster comes up and says he educate us. Our management wasn’t doing it, so we were completely open to it.

He showed us how to load a truck and why I’m supposed to put the weight on one side versus the other. How much freight was supposed to go in the nose versus the rear? How not to overload a truck. The knowledge you won’t get in 5 minutes. You got to be out on that dock and learn from a knowledgeable experienced teamster like him.

The Importance Of Our Experience

The knowledge we learned has served us well over the years. Recently, we had an opportunity to move some freight for The Toyota Corporation. They had a computer program that would educate their engineers on how to load the trucks correctly, as to not overload them. It was expensive and was not programmed correctly.

When I sat down with the big shots from Toyota. We were amazed at this program that they spend so much money on had absolutely no clue how to load a truck.

We fought for weeks in regards to how much weight should go into the nose of a truck.

 They wanted to put over 7000 pounds into the 1st 2 feet of a truck.

 The reality is, that would have overloaded the nose. And there would be in serious fines to pay.
We stood our ground and explained to them they really need to take a good hard look at the program that they purchased and speak to their engineers again. At the end of the day, they found there was a glitch.

This type of experience comes from almost 40 years of experience and I knew they were wrong.

LTL Flatbed Truck

Has The Less Than Truckload Freight & LTL Freight Quote Industry Changed?

For most companies, the LTL Freight service industry logistics has not changed in many years. This is a problem because our world is much more heavily competitive LTL freight quotes. That is where we come in.

Here at Ultimate Freight Quote we bring that new change. This change includes more organization which results in lower prices. The LTL service industry needs this because Amazon, Overstock and other online shopping companies require a lot of shipping. Not to mention that everything you see needs LTL services. Including your house, the materials of your house, everything in your house, the plants, the dirt, all your car parts and the clothes you’re wearing were shipped by an LTL service company.

That is why here at Ultimate Freight Quote we have mastered the art of efficient Less Than Truckload Freight Services. Consequently giving you a  low LTL Freight Quote. We are able to provide the lowest prices on the fastest LTL services (2 hour LTL pickups).

Has Technology Help Lower LTL Freight Quotes or The Less Than Truckload Freight Efficiency?

Technology has helped us organize our less than truckload freight operations which helps us provide you with lower our LTL freight quotes. You would be surprised at how our competitors are not utilizing technology to make their less than truckload freight systems more efficient. As a result, they continue to dish out high LTL freight quotes.

With the advancement of technology, we have developed a complex automated invoicing and shipment tacking system. This proprietary tool has enabled us to be the most efficient LTL service provider in the nation. Our operations require much less man power. And as a result we are fast, organized and very competitive.

Why Are Other Less Than Truckload Freight Companies Not Organizing Their Systems?

When we started in the industry we moved millions of tons. We started out on a “break bulk” operation for a company that no longer exists. We had hundreds and hundreds of terminals. All gone now.

We found out by the men on the docks that the management team really had no clue what was going on. The same exact problem is happening today. Everyone is way too busy with other areas. As a result they ignore the need to utilize their minds to organize their systems.

Just like back then, administration and paperwork took up most of the time. Nothing has changed for about 80% of the companies today.

Except for us here at Ultimate Freight Quote. We have taken the time to put together a system that enables us to pick up LTL freight from anywhere in The USA, Mexico and Canada within 2 hours. Furthermore we offer the lowest rates in the less than truckload freight industry.

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